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I was moving from Dallas to NJ and I had a couple of loads. So over the weekend, I’ve researched for some moving companies and found that 777 LONG DISTANCE MOVERS had a good rating. my move was immediate and has to be done within a couple of days, they set up the move for me from A-Z . it was last minute, but they were with me the whole stuff. It was nice working with them and would definitely recommend them. I was very happy with the services

Great moving service. I just wanted to take the time and leave these guys a positive review. My agent (Justin) was very good to work with. He explained everything and he seemed to be on point. I would use them again simply because of how easy they made the move for me. 5 stars!!

I was relocating from Austin area to Cincinnati area and I used 777 Long Distance Movers company. I lived in a single bedroom apartment so I didn’t have too much stuff. So, the estimation was very good. In fact, I also estimated a little bit more so that we don’t have any last-minute surprises. I didn’t have any pain in the cost. The people who handled the move were very professional. I had to call them to make sure that they are trying to come at the given window. It’s a little bit delayed but that’s fine. Once they came in, they were able to put everything in , FAST Delivery – Thank You

I was relocating from Waco TX to Georgia and scraping up my household in Waco and downsizing and moving to Florida, where I had just purchased a house from and I’m waiting to move in to. I had to have a moving company that could take a portion of the household goods that were going to my son in Northern California. That’s why I used 777 Long Distance Movers for. The other part of it was going to an estate sale and those people had their own moving people and then it was going to be stored in Georgia. I wanted a Georgia moving company to come up and get it to stored temporarily in Atlanta. I got International, to do a partial move to Northern California. The entire conditions, operation throe delivery was stress free for me and my family – thank you for being so care